Need to add new users to the RAE system.This pertains to DaVinci and MXProline Systems if you are adding new users to the system

  • First you must add the new user to the Windows accounts. From the Start Menu, Select Programs/Administrative Tools/Computer Management. Select Local Users and Groups/Users. Right click on the users list and select New User. Enter the New user as normal, Uncheck “User must change password at next login” and Check “Password Never expires”. Once the user is assigned you will then need to assign which Group they are a member of. Right Click on each member you have assigned, Select Properties, Click on the “Member of” Tab and select which groups the new user you have assigned is a member of. If He is a Operator select “RaeDBWriteAccess” If you are making a User with Administrative and Manager privileges Select “Honeywell Administrators”, “Local Servers”, and “Power Users”.
  • Once you have all your new User’s assigned you must then add them to the Experion Users to allow them to login and use the system. First you must be logged in as Manager “mngr” Select the “System Menu” Button in the upper Left hand corner of the Display, Select “System Configuration”, Select “Operators”, Select the next open location by clicking on the next available Operator entry, Enter the Username as you have entered it in the Windows account, Under Authority Select the Security level for that user (Oper, Supr, Engr, Mngr) Leave all other options as is.