Multiphase Flow meter

Why use Multiphase Flow meter (MPFM)?

Conventional measurement systems require that the constituents or “phases” of the well flows be completely separated upstream of the measurement point. Multiphase measurement techniques are developed to improve the measurement limitations of conventional measurement systems that require test separators based on gravity.

What is Multiphase Flowmeter?

The multiphase flowmeter in a definition is a device used to measure the gas flow rate, the water flow rate and the hydrocarbon liquid flow rate in the flow of the mixing phase. At some point, the gas flow is dominant instead of the liquid flow (wet gas). Sometimes, the flow of liquid is also more dominant than the flow of gas (gaseous liquid).

The intention of using this multiphase flow meter is to replace the conventional test separator vessel (which is huge in size) to perform a well test.


In offshore production consisting of several nearby wells, the flow data collected along a pipe section of a given well can help identify how this well contributes to the aggregate flow and can therefore help locate a production anomaly, such as water or gas. advance in the real well.

This allows for easier location of well stimulation or other well treatments, such as improved oil recovery, to increase well productivity.

A multiphase flowmeter is based on magnetic resonance, comprises of two major components, a pre-magnetic section and measurement section.

In the pre-magnetisation section, the hydrogen atoms are magnetised and net microscopic magnetisation is created. In the measurement section, a magnetic field is present and an RF coil sends out a pre-defined pulse sequence which excites the hydrogen atoms.

The hydrogen atoms respond to the pulses and send back echoes which are recorded by the same RF coil. In a multiphase flow meter mainly three properties of flow are detected gas, oil water and the velocity of flow. From this, we can measure the volumetric flow.


  • MPFM can be used to measurement of oil, gas and water at all points of entry and exit of a production network.

  • Multiphase flow meters can deliver real-time and continuous data on the production of different phases

  • Continous measurement provides additional information to detect potential problems in the production system.