Measure density with DP transmitter?

Can we measure density of any liquid with Differential Pressure Transmitter and How?,which factors we need to consider to measure the same.

For density a common approach is to install the d/p transmitter above the tank. Install two dip tube into the tank or use two tank taps at a convenient distance apart and use air or acceptable gas into the dip tubes with a needle valve on the inlet side of small rotameters to set a flow of roughly 1scfh (500 cc/min). The gas supply pressure must exced any possible tank pressure. Use the d/p pressure and known level difference to calculate the actual density. The d/p transmitter is conveniently calibrated in terms of mmWC or INWC. Density = (density of water)*((measured hydrostatic head)/( dip tube level difference)). See Liptak Instrument Engineers Handbook, 3rd Edtion, chapter 3.7 “Bubblers” for more details

@denizen can you please elaborate more on this topic.