Major DCS manufactures and DCS models?

There are several companies that manufacture distributed control systems (DCS). Here is a list of some DCS manufacturers and some of the DCS models that they offer: image

  1. ABB: Some of the DCS models offered by ABB include
  • ABB Ability™ System 800xA: System 800xA is not just a DCS (Distributed Control System), but also an Electrical Control System, a Safety system, and a collaboration enabler capable of improving engineering productivity, operator performance, and asset utilization.
  • ABB Ability™ Symphony® Plus: Symphony Plus is compatible with all previous generations of Symphony distributed control systems, including Network 90, INFI 90, INFI 90 OPEN, Symphony Harmony, Contronic, and Symphony Melody.
  • Freelance Distributed Control System (DCS): Freelance is a fully functional distributed control system that combines the benefits of DCS and PLC: the modest footprint of a PLC and the complete capability of a DCS.
  1. Emerson: Some of the DCS models offered by Emerson include
  • DeltaV: DeltaV mainly used in process industry.
  • Ovation: Ovation is mainly used in waster and power plant.
  1. Honeywell: Some of the DCS models offered by Honeywell include
  • Experion
  • TDC 3000
  • TDC 2000.
  1. Rockwell Automation: Some of the DCS models offered by Rockwell Automation include
  • PlantPAx: The PlantPAx process automation system features improved virtualization, batch management, and integrated motor control.
  1. Siemens: Some of the DCS models offered by Siemens include
  • SIMATIC PCS 7: Siemens made a process control system called PCS 7 that uses the hardware of Step 7 and the process control philosophy of Teleperm. When these two systems were put together, they made an easy-to-use software platform with a hardware base that had already been used and built for the industry. In practice, PCS 7 is a control system for process automation. It has features like batch process control, process safety control, route control, power control (IEC 61850), Telecontrol (DNP3), and standard process control on a defined and Siemens-maintained library.
  1. Yokogawa: Some of the DCS models offered by Yokogawa include
  • CENTUM VP:The architecture of CENTUM VP is simple and common. It is made up of user interfaces, field control stations, and a control network. It helps with both continuous and batch process control, as well as management of manufacturing operations.
  1. Schneider Electric: DCS models offered by SE inclued
  • EcoStruxure™ Foxboro™ DCS: EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS, an advancement of Foxboro Evo, is a cutting-edge set of fault-tolerant, highly available control components that elevates staff capabilities and consolidates crucial information to guarantee faultless, continuous plant operation.
  1. General Electric: DCS models of GE includes
  • Mark VIe distributed control system: The Mark VIe distributed control system (DCS) is a versatile platform for a wide range of applications. It supports simplex, dual, and triple redundant systems with high-speed networked I/O. The Mark VIe additionally includes a SIL3 capable safety system with a unified operator and engineering suite of tools. Users may fulfill the individual needs of each application while lowering costs by combining redundancy of controllers, networks, and IO.


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