Load cell with fast response

Hello everyone, Greetings of the day. My name is Zeshan, I am automation engineer, I am stuck in problem of automation of weighing and sort system in chicken slaughter house using plc and load cell. Everything is done right but load cell is not giving me the right weight to make the right decisions. I have a “moving line of hanging chickens” running at 8000 chicks/hr, the platform where the load cell is connected that has a length of 11.5cm and the time for one chicken to pass over that plat form is 350ms. now the problem is that the conventional s.type load cell and digital indicator combination which i am using is not fast enough to determine the exact weight of chicken in this short time. the min capacity of load cell should be 30kg(plat form assembly + 2kg chicken) So please suggest me which type of load cell and indicator i should use to match the speed of the system.

We have electronics that records data as fast as 80 samples per second, which is 12.5 ms per data. we can supply the load cell and electronics for demo. you can try and then buy if it works.

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