Level measurement sensor technologies and how to select suitable level measurement instrument for your application?

Different types of level measurement technologies are available. Based on the application right level measurement instrument must be selected for accurate level measurement.

Types of level measurement instruments available are Ultrasonic level,Hydrostatic level measurement,Vibrating level,Float/Buoyancy level,Radar level,Capacitance level,Electromechnical level measurement.

Based on the medium right level measurement technology can be selected. Types of medium are Clean water,Dirty water,Chemicals,Slurries,Bulk solids,Open channel.

Following questions will help you to choose correct level sensor.

Contest being measured - Powder / Slurry / Liquid / Solid Continuous level measurement / Discrete level measurement Temperature / Pressure of the application Level measurement range Accuracy requirement Electrically conductive medium ? Possible to penetrate the vessel wall or be inside it ? Direct or Indirect measurement Any turbulence,foam or vapour? Contact or Non contact level measurement ? Integral display or remote display