Level control valve - delay in opening from closed position. How to solve?

LCV. Air off to open. Feed back & positions all good.

From closed position delay in opening/travel start causing us issues.

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There are few thing to consider:

  1. Positioner bleed port usually provide a bug screen and mostly they used fine cooper made which easily get block with foreign debris check this one first.

2.Suspected diaphragm leak please do a quick check.

  1. Packing seal locking mechanism to the valve stem to tight please also consider

  2. Air supply pressure also must check if this also correct or sufficient.

  1. You can increase the supply pressure to diaphragm as per rated pressure.

  2. Positiiner auto tune need to be done or if not smart positioner check the mechanism and change the fittings.

air fail to open…you have problem in opening. so reduce the supply air as much as possible. It can help you to speed up the stroke.