Learn PLC programming with a Free Android application

Good news for people who are interested to learn PLC programming.

I would like to introduce 2 android application which is used as PLC programming simulator. You can learn PLC programming on the go with these PLC simulator android app.

1.PLC Ladder simulator.

This app can be downloaded from google play store.

Android Version required - 4.0.3 above.

This application is a freeware.

You can simulate PLC ladder diagrams with this application.

How to use this app?

Install the app on your android phone.

Open the application.

Define your inputs and outputs in variable manager.

After defining all variables go to ladder editor and add the object.

Once you created the ladder logic exit the editor and save the design.

Click on the play button to simulate the ladder logic.

Disadvantage of this application is it supports only basic component. Normally Open Gate,Normally Close gate and Coil.

2.MacroPLC Ladder PLC simulator.

This android application is also free.

It supports Timer,Counter,Internal Flag,Comparators, Edge detection etc…

Required Android - 4.0 and above.

PC version of this simulator can be accessed from following link.

Use google translator as the website is in Spanish.