LabView Files cannot to be opened

CAUSE LabView requires that the VDB type files NOT be associated with any program (such as notepad) to open and modify them.

RESOLUTION/ACTION 1). Right Click on the Start Menu. 2). Click on Explore. 3). Select Tools from the Menu. 4). Click on folder Options. 5). Click the Files Types tab. 6). When the registered file types appear, scroll down until you locate the VDB files. 7). Highlight the VDB extension and hit the change button. 8). Associate these file types with notepad, if not already. 9). Once you have returned to the Files type screen, select the VDB extension again (make sure it is associated with notepad). 10). Delete the association by clicking the delete key. 11). Close Explorer all the way back to your desktop. 12). Start LabView again.