Is it permissible to use the neutral wire from a different circuit?

Is it permissible to use the neutral wire from a different circuit?


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No, you can’t use the neutral wire that belongs to another circuit.

Key Causes for using Neutral Wire that belongs to Another Circuit

  • A separate neutral wire that re-connects to the panel must be present in every circuit. There is a fire hazard associated with using a neutral wire from another circuit because it can be overloaded.
  • Using an external neutral will trigger the GFCI to trip even while the circuit is operating correctly if a GFCI breaker is needed in the future.
  • The National Electrical Code states that all conductors of the same circuit must be enclosed together; sharing a neutral between circuits is a violation of this code. Doing so guarantees that the circuit can be safely disconnected in order to be serviced.
  • The switch box could be energized and pose a shock hazard if the other circuit’s neutral is used in the event of a ground failure or wiring issue.


  • Return to the panel with the circuit’s conductors and a fresh neutral wire.
  • Make use of a mechanical switch or one that doesn’t need a neutral.
  • Switches and lights should now share a breaker, so rearrange the circuits as needed.
  • The usage of a neutral from another circuit poses a safety risk and is a violation of the electrical code. No matter how good it seems at first, you should never do it. When setting up home automation systems, electrical safety should take priority over practicality.