Introduction to TIA portal Siemens, for beginners

To help beginners, let’s look, how to start a program in Siemens PLC.

Select the TIA portal from your desktop.

On the starting screen, you can see Open existing project, Create new project, Migrate project, installed software etc, potions on the Portal view.

Click > Create a new project > Give a name to the project, set path and author name > click Create

After creating the project we have quit the portal view and opens starts the project views.

Now you can see more options below the start option. Select > Open the project view.

Now on the left side, you can see Project tree, the free space in the middle is called as a Work area, right most area is the Task tag. And there is Inspector window below the Work area.

You can take the devices from the project tree and you see those devices in the work area, according to the devices added the Task tags will be updated.

Go to devices > Add new device > there is three options Controllers, HMI, PC system > controller > select the PLC from the list, say S7 1200 > Select CPU > select your CPU from the list > click on ok.

The PLC is connected.

In the Device overview window, you can change the input and output addresses starting.

The figure shown in the work area, there is 11 slots, your devices are planted to this slot.

Slot 1 is reserved for power supply and slot 3 is reserved only for Interface Module. 4-11 are used for other modules.

To take program blocks > project tree > program block > main block,

To diagnosis, any problem in the program go to > online and diagnostics There is Technology object option to add two options, Motion and PID. PLC tags are available at PLC tag option.

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Hi Sivaranjith, I has one problem in TIA portal, while report generation, can you help me please.

I’m using Siemens S7 1500 and TP1200 HMI… At Commissioning time the report was generated as per required criteria… Some days machine not working as it came to production but now their is some issue regarding report generation.
Problem As:

  1. report CSV file generate but it not generate in pdf file format…
  2. both report not generating…
  3. CSV file generating full time dada logged but pdg file generated but all data unable to log… (data missed in pdf file)
  4. Some time both file generating as per requirement…

you can mail me at [email protected]

thanks, Prashant

how to use TIA wcc professional portal

Hi vinoth,

you will get multiple video in youtube for TIA portal software.

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