Introduction to ABB AC700F controller

What are the Features of AC 700F controllers?

The AC 700F controllers have the following features.

❖ The AC 700F controller comes with a modular design.

❖ The AC 700F controller is designed according to the IEC 61131-2 standards

❖ The base elements are of different types for the CPU module, FBP interface module, and S700 I/O modules.

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❖ The two types of terminal units available are Screw type and spring type.

❖ These modules can be easily plugged into the terminal units, and then the terminal units can be plugged into the other.

❖ The AC 700F controller is mounted on a DIN rail.

❖ The power supply is 24 VDC.

❖ The communication speed is high between the CPU and the local S700 I/O.

❖ The I/O scan time of the controllers is 2 ms.

❖ The temperature range of AC 700F and S700 I/O extends from 0 °C to 60 °C

The CPU of the AC 700F controller.

❖ The AC 700F controller has a PM 783F CPU.

❖ The CPU is a Freescale power PCTM type.

❖ The RAM consists of program memory of 2 MB SRAM

❖ It has an internal memory of 8 MB SDRAM and 4 MB FLASH ROM

❖ The CPU comes without OS and needs to be loaded during software installation.

❖ The power supply required is 24 VDC.

❖ The maximum power dissipation within the module is 10 W.

❖ This uses an Ethernet network for communication between controllers and operator stations.

❖ The connectivity is achieved using two serial lines one for Modbus and the other for diagnostics.

❖ Serial interface RS-232 for diagnostics and Modbus for the Onboard network interface.

❖ The CPU has a maximum of 8 I/O modules.

❖ The data transfer rate is 100 Mb/s.

❖ The CPU has a Real-time clock, with battery backup.

❖ The Multitasking program execution is cyclic with 8 tasks.

❖ The CPU processing time is different for different instructions.

⮚ 0.71 ms for 1000 binary instructions.

⮚ 0.84 ms for 1000-word instructions.

⮚ 1.36 ms for 1000 floating-point instructions.

The PROFIBUS Communication Interface CI 773F

❖ The PROFIBUS DP master is used as a transmission protocol.

❖ The data transmission rate is 9.6 kb/s to 12 Mb/s

❖ The transmission standard is EIA RS-485

❖ One D-SUB 9-pole, female connector is used for Fieldbus.

❖ Software version 2013 SP1 or higher is mandatory

❖ The PROFIBUS module allows a maximum of 126 slaves.

❖ This interface is used for PM 902F, PM 901F, or PM 783F.

❖ It has a 64kb dual-port memory for data exchange

❖ It has a status display LED s for PWR, STA, Line, and RUN.

❖ It supports controller redundancy with AC 900F.

❖ The power supply required is 24V, 80mA.

❖ The protection class is IP 20.

CPU terminal base TB 711F

❖ The TB 711F is used as a terminal base for the AC 700F controller.

❖ It consists of a 5-pole removable terminal block of 24 V DC.

❖ The TB has two slots one for the CPU and the other for the communication module.

❖ The interface module consists of

⮚ 1 field I/O Bus,

⮚ 2 serial ports, COM1 for serial communication, and COM2 for diagnostics.

⮚ 1 Ethernet port (RJ45).

⮚ 1 Profibus master port.