Interview questions based on Allen Bradley PLC

What are the software used with AB?

  • Pico soft for Pico PLC programming

  • RS Logic 500 for Micrologix and SLC PLC programming

  • RS Logic 5000 for control logix

How are communication protocols distinguished?

Communication protocols are distinguished with the number nodes supported, the speed of communication and total network.

What are the various communication interface supported by AB?

DH+, DH485, ETH, Modbus, Device Net and Control net

Explain each of the above?

DH485: The DH‑485 industrial local area network is designed for factory-floor applications and uses the RS‑485 transmission standard

Device net: A communication link that connects industrial devices to the network.

Modbus: Modbus is the communication protocol used for transmitting information over a serial line between electronic devices.

Controlnet: Is an open industrial network meets the demand of real-time, high-throughput applications.

Data Highway: Data network used to connect a PLC network with another PLC network.

What is RS logic?

RS logic is in the family of IEC-1131 ladder logic programming package used to maximize the performance, save project development time, and to increase the productivity.