Interview Question : Instrumentation - How to Categorize flow measurement

Flow Measurement - Main Classification

  1. Displacement
  2. Constriction Type (Differential Head) 3.Velocity Flow Meters 4.Mass flow meters

Different types of displacement type flow meters are

a. Positive displacement meters b. Metering pumps

Differential head is again classified as Closed Conduit and Open Channel

Closed conduit type flow meters are

a. Orifice plate b. Venturi tube c. Flow Nozzle d. Pitot tube e. Elbow f. Target g. Variable area (Rotameter )

Open channel type flow meters are b.Flume

Different types of Velocity flow meters are

a. Magnetic b. Turbine c. Vortex or Swirl d. Ultrasonic e. Thermal

Different types of Mass flow meters are

a. Weight types b.Gyroscope precision types c.Centrifugal force types