Instrumentation Interview Question : Pressure measurement

Q)What is pressure ? or Define pressure ?

A)Pressure is the amount of force applied over a defined area.

Q)The factors that will influence hydro static pressure ?

A)Level of the liquid Density of the liquid Pressure on the surface of the liquid (vapor space)

Q) Density of liquid

A)Density is the mass of a particular substance per unit of volume

Q) Definition of Specific Gravity

A)Specific gravity is the ratio of the density of a particular liquid to the density of water at a reference temperature.

Q)Reason for measuring pressure ?

A)Safety Process efficiency Cost savings Inferred measurement of other variables

Q)Three measurable pressure

A)Head (hydrostatic) pressure Static (line) pressure Vapour pressure

Q)Pressure-measurement devices can be categorised according to the reference pressure

A)Absolute Gauge Differential

Q) Different type liquid column pressure gauges

A) Barometer Manometer

Q)What are the basic parts of Mechanical pressure gauges ?

A)Sensing device Mechanical dial or indicator

Q)Most commonly used pressure sensing device?

A)Bourdon tube Bellows and capsules

Q)What is pneumatic controller ?

A) A pneumatic controller is a device that, in response to an input pressure, sends a pneumatic output to a relay

Q)What is pneumatic transmitter ?

A)A pneumatic transmitter is a device that, in response to input pressure, outputs a proportionate, standardized pneumatic signal.