Instrumentation Interview Question : Level Measurement

Q) What is level measurement ?

Level measurement is the determination of the linear vertical distance between a reference point and the surface of a liquid

Q)Reasons for level measurement ?

Inventory Custody transfer Efficiency Safety Consistent supply

Q)Product properties which could be determined from a level measurement are:

Interface Density Mass Volume

Q)Define density

Density is the mass of a material per unit of volume

Q)Define Mass

Mass, the amount of matter an object contains, is often equivocated to weight

Mass = Density x Volume

Q)Define Volume

Volume is the space occupied by a quantity of material.

Q)What is Contacting measurement ?

contacting measurement - some part of the measurement system is in direct contact with the contents of the vessel.

Q)What is Noncontacting measurement?

no part of the measurement system directly contacts the contents of the vessel