Instrumentation Hook-up

Instrument hook-up connections are the convenient way to eliminate impulse pipes by using sandwich construction valves. The design of the sandwich valve allows extraction with the appropriate insulation protection of the instrument/gauge with or without the collector.


The construction of the flange type for connection to the orifice flange assembly for differential pressure instruments and the flange assembly pressure instruments make the assembly convenient on the site.

Close coupling connections can be used for the mounting of differential pressure flow transmitters, pressure gauges and pressure transmitters.

Fluid control offers coupled instrument couplings for differential pressure transmitters, pressure gauge valves and pressure transmitters with options such as root valves, monoflange valves, double block and bleed valves.

Fluid control also offers design and supply services for the prefabricated connection of tightly coupled instruments.

The mounting above the faucets is typically for gas service and under-the-faucet mounting typically for liquid and vapor services.

Direct mounting is possible for low temperature services.

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