Injection test for Overcurrent relay using PTE 100-C

The PTE-100-C is portable Universal test equipment for testing electromechanical, electronic, and digital relays.

PTE 100-C Plus is a portable electromechanical and digital protection test relay. This tool has an AC output current feature that can reach 250 A, AC 250 V voltage, DC voltage 350 V, frequency 40 - 70 Hz and phase shifters from 0 - 359,9o. this tool can also be used to test MCB and to measure CT saturation or CT knee point.

Test Over Current Relay Using injection current:

Perform SPAJ 140 C Over Current Relay Settings as follows:

  • To be able to know that this protection relay is working, the preset current and time settings are required before being given a fault current simulation.

Relay setup steps:

  • The relay is connected to a 220 Vac supply to terminal 61 and terminal 60, a moment later the Uaux indicator light turns on and the display lights up the segment.

  • Press the STEP button repeatedly until the LED stops at position I> and the start current value is visible on the display.


  • Enter the second menu (submenu) to get the main setting value (main menu) by pressing the PROGRAM button for more than 1 second and release it. The number on the red display now appears showing number 1 that blinks identifying that the position of the first submenu and the green number indicate the setting value.


  • Enter the mode settings by pressing the PROGRAM button for approximately 5 seconds until the number on the display flashes blinking.

  • Press the PROGRAM button again for about 1 second to set the rightmost number. Now the number that works - blinking the right can be changed - change the desired number using STEP


  • Press the PROGRAM button to change the number settings in the middle.

  • The middle number setting is desired by using the STEP button.

  • Press the PROGRAM button to change the number settings on the far left, the leftmost number setting that you want by using the STEP button.

  • Press the PROGRAM button to make the decimal point light up blinking, If a decimal point is needed it can move to move through the STEP button.

  • After that press the PROGRAM button to make all displays turn blinking. In this position, according to point © above. We can see the value of the new settings before we save in the relay module memory.

  • When the new value matches our settings, we save the new value by pressing the PROGRAM button and the STEP RESET button simultaneously. When the information entered the display will blink once with the code (I ----).


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