I need help reducing the ohms in this delta-connected earthing system

I need help reducing the ohms in this delta-connected earthing system?

can anyone please give solution to it?

There are a few ways to lower the ohms in a delta-connected earthing system, depending on the system’s individual requirements and limits.

Here are some basic measures you can take:

Increase the Number of Grounding Electrodes: Adding additional grounding electrodes can help to lower the overall resistance of the system. To enhance their efficiency, make sure these electrodes are correctly spaced and installed.

Optimize Grounding Electrode Location: Place the grounding electrodes strategically in areas with low soil resistivity. A soil resistivity test may assist to determine the best position for grounding electrodes.

Increase Electrode Size: By employing larger diameter electrodes or many smaller electrodes in parallel, the grounding system’s overall resistance can be reduced.

Use Low-Resistance Materials: Make sure that the materials utilized for grounding electrodes & conductors are low in resistance. Because of their low resistance, copper & copper-clad steel are popular grounding materials.

Improve Grounding Connections: Make sure that all connections inside the grounding system are correctly built and maintained to reduce resistance at connection points.

Grounding Enhancement Techniques: Consider using grounding enhancement techniques like chemical enhancement, ground enhancement materials (GEM) (or) deep grounding to further minimize resistance.

Consult a Professional: If you’re unclear about the best method or if your system requires unique knowledge, consider hiring an experienced electrical engineer (or) a specialist consultant to examine your system’s needs and make tailored recommendations.

To preserve both safety and effectiveness, any changes to your grounding system must be made in accordance with relevant standards, codes, & regulations.

Furthermore, extensive testing and analysis after adjustments may help in determining the performance & effectiveness of the upgraded grounding system.