How to transfer program from controller to memory with RS Logix

Before trying to transfer program we must check whether the controller is in program mode. The program can transfer only in the program mode, not in running mode.

Go to Controller organizer >> I/O configuration >> Select your controller

Right-click on the controller option >> Go to properties

In the controller properties window select Nonvolatile tab, shown in top bar.

Click on Load/Store. Now the current program in the controller will be ready to store.

Program name, type, reversion etc, will be listed on the window. Below those informations there is load image.

Click on the drop-down choose a mode from On power up, On corrupt memory. If we select On power up, whenever the power is On the controller automatically takes the program from the nonvolatile memory.

You can also choose the Load mode either Run mode or Program mode. Which choose the program to directly run in program mode or run mode.

Then >> click Store.

Click Yes on Upcoming windows and wait. During the store process the controller will go offline.

After the store process is completed the controller will go back to online. Now you see information about the stored program on the window.