How to take backup of program from seimens PLC to SD card

As a backup option, PLCs can be saved in Seimens SD card. We can have the original program at any instant, even if the program in the system is messed up with lots of edits. And also we can save the edited program to the SD card as an update.


Go to your TIA portal select Devices from project tree, Flow the path shown below

Project tree > Devices > Card reader, USB memory > select your card, if it doesn’t show up there then > click on Add use defined card reader > select my computer > Selet your SD card from there.

Now you can see your card in Card reader USB memory

Right click on your SD card > go properties

On the window appears you will have an option to select the PLC mode.

Properties > PLC card mode > card type > Select programming mode, we need to use programming mode as we are saving a program > click ok.

Go to Project

Project > Select your program from the list

Now your selected program will be on the devices list and SD card option as well.

Darg your program to be copied to the SD card to copy the program to the SD card. Now your program will download to the SD card. The system will show up a loading window.

Now your program is copied to the SD card.

One can connect the SD card and see what is in it from the project tree bar.

Select the program from the SD card > click load in the new window appears. your program will be loaded, if any new edits are added to the program it will also load to the program.