How to store your Instruments properly?

Storage of Field Instruments.

If you dont store your instruments properly it will malfunction during the operation. During shelf-life it should be stored properly. This steps are very important for instrument spare parts management.

Before short term and Long term Storage of field instruments following action need to be taken.

1.Clean outside of sensors,cable and instruments

2.Check all visible o-rings for signs of wear and tear

3.Dry outside of instruments and cables

Short Term Storage

Short term - 4 weeks or less

Store in 100 % saturated air

-Air saturated with tap air -May use sponge -Do not immerse sensor in water -Periodically check to make sure it does not dry out

Conductivity only instrument

-Store field sensor in dry air -Store lab instrument in distilled or deionized water

Dry Outside of instrument before storing in air tight container.

Long term Storage

Long term - 4 week or more Storage method varies by sensor

For pH/ORP sensor- Remove the pH,ORP, or pH/ORP sensor Plug empty port Place sensor in original storage bottle filled with buffer 4 and 2 M KCI solution

For Conductivity / Temperature sensor- Field sensors can be stored dry or wet Leave in bulkhead and store according to other sensors Lab sensors should be stored in deionized or distilled water.

Refer manufacture manual for more information

Instrument storage-

Remove batteries Let battery compartment dry out Store in a cool,dry place