How to step down a DC variable input to steady DC outputs

Explain how to step down a variable 11v-13v DC variable input to two steady, DC outputs both under 1.5 volts. I am using two potentio-meter but i am looking for something cheaper and compact

Using pots or resistors to vary voltage can be a bit tricky. The overall resistance of the circuit can change the value enough to alter the voltage. Using step-down regulators is a bit more stable and reliable, and they are so affordable these days, that there isn’t really any reason not to use them.

If you like to make your own circuits, then single IC component regulators can be very cheap, and ordered for specific voltages, with schematic examples in their datasheets that work flawlessly.

I use LDO voltage regulators from Mouser Electronics to power 1.5v clock circuits, so that I can power them from either a USB power source (5v), or for my van, I have one 12v LDO to keep the voltage down to 12v, which then powers a 1.5v regulator. Both regulators are so tiny (SMD) that an entire circuit can fit in the size of a quarter