How to start and set up new project in Rockwell's Studio 5000

Open your Studio 5000 from your desktop. The above-shown studio 5000 window will appear.

Go to New project under the create option.

New window brings the controllers option

Select a controller and give an appropriate name for the program you are going to create > Click Next

On the next window appears, select a version of the software for your controller. Choose from Revision, eg: 30, 24

Skip the other options and click Finish. Now we go into our new project

In your new project, you are allowed to have Controller organizer on the left side of the window.

Go to Main task in the controller organizer. Every new program will appear in the main task. Right-click on the main task > ADD > New program, the window appears as shown below.

Name your program on the naming option > Then select OK.

Now go again to the Main Task, expand it. You can see your program there, we need to add some logic routine to the program. To add logic routine right click on the program.

Right click > ADD > New Routine

Now give a name to the Routine and you select the type of programming from Type, for example; Ladder logic, sequential function chart, structured text etc, select what you have.

Select the Routine type from the Assignment, which means select whether the routine is main routine or subroutine. When we start a completely new program it is the Main routine. Whichever program is assigned to the main routine it will always run. Selecting the none will count the routine as a subroutine, program jumps from the main routine to this routine and turn back to the main routine.

Now you may see your routine in the Main task. Open your routine, do programming.

Now will have the programming window add required inputs and output blocks. Don’t forget to assign names to the blocks and create the block by doing ctrl+W