How to start a new program in Siemens s7 1200 PLC?

Let’s look how to start a new program in a Siemens s7 1200 PLC.

Software used - TIA portal.

A trial version of TIA portal can be downloaded from the following link :

After connecting the Siemens plc.

From the above window appears after the opening the PLC software.

Click > create program, create program name> gives a directory, where you want to save program > Select the version you wanted to program > then press Create

The next window appears to configure a device.

From First steps > select device from the list, that you need to work with.

Selecting a device will give you a new window.

Click > Add devices, you can choose a device from the list > Choose the matchups to the PLC from the appearing option right to the window > press ADD.

To verify that, you are working with the right PLC

Go to online access in the left window > Find your net card > update access> you can PLC file, select it > go to online diagnostics

Verify the PLC, Check the device, relay, part number etc…> Close the window > Click the Download button from the above taskbar.

From the next window Choose the interface from the options > And choose a network/ ethernet > press search

You can see your IP on the table > Press load > Click continue on the window

On the next window, on the first option select > Stop all to stop the PLC. > Click > Laod.

At the end, windows appear to start the PLC read it and click Finish

click GO online to make sure that there is good hardware download. You can see green tick marks on the component structures. Now the PLC is ready to program, go start…

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