How to set up a parts counter with sensor & Digital Display

Hi all,

My Project Scope is below:

  1. Count the parts coming out of a therformer
  2. Display the data on the screen as such Target : 0000 Actual: 0000 Efficiency: 000 Downtime: 000
  3. Save the data on excel for monthly statistical review

I am thinking about setting up a proximity switch next to the press so that when it comes down the sensor counts up Send the data from sensor to a programmable digital display with built in PC Mirror the display to a TV Screen Via HDMI and mount it on the production floor What I need to know exactly what parts do I need to purchase to complete the set up and whether I need a PLC Controller or can I have this done using another alternative? I am new to the automation Industry and it appears that I can’t find a legitimate consultant who is willing to assist so I have decided to try my luck here. I understand PLC, Java, VBA and C…so if I need to program something in ladder logic I can do it myself I don’t think it will be that challenging because its a very simple code…

Thank you in advance!