How to set parameters for VFD programming


A variable frequency drive or variable speed drive would change the speed of the motor from fixed to variable. So a VFD does this by changing the frequency and voltage applied to a motor. When we use a VFD to control the speed of the motor we can save energy and also can improve motor efficiency. With the help of a variable frequency drive, we can control the speed and power of the motor. A variable frequency drive can also act as a protection from overload currents. With the help of a VFD, we can increase or decrease the speed of a process.


How to set parameters for VFD programming

In order to run a VFD, we must set the parameters first. While checking the manual of the VFD we can see the parameter description in it, and the description would be specific and have all the details that we need to know about the parameters. The manual will contain the functions of each parameter. There could be a compact disk too, which would also contain the manual and the programming software. So we need to set the required parameters by checking the manual. If there is no manual then check for the parameters of the VFD brand you bought on the internet.


The image above is an example of setting the VFD parameters. In the above image, we can see P79 the operating mode, without setting this operating mode we won’t be able to set the parameter in any VFD. So first set the operating mode and set the values for the parameters according to the need.

To set parameters for VFD programming select the parameter and enter the parameter number. In the below image you can see two different VFD brands. The parameter setting for different brands would be slightly different. In the above image the P0, the parameter represents torque boost its setting range and an initial value can be seen in the image. This is for the Mitsubishi brand for other brands the parameter number and the range could be different. The value can be edited according to the need.

Each of the parameters represents the drive functions. So by changing the number we can select the parameter that we need and we could know which parameter is represented by the number or alphabet by checking the manual. The value layer is to set the value to the parameter by clicking the value selection button we can enter the value for the parameter.

A VFD drive has 5 modes they are

Operating mode

With the help of this mode, we can run the drive, it can be used to check certain values like output current or displaying fault information.

Initialize mode

This mode can be used for choosing the language, setting user constants, it can be used to select the control mode, or it can be used to initialize the user constants.

Programming mode

This mode is used for setting the user constants that are needed for the operation.

Auto-tuning mode

With the help of this mode, the motor constants are calculated and set automatically.

Modified constant mode

This mode can be used to check the user constants and these user constants were created by changing the factory-set value.