How to set parameters for Mitsubishi VFD D700


A variable speed drive or a variable frequency drive is an electric motor speed controller. With the help of this drive, we can improve the efficiency of a motor. A VFD can make a motor to operate at the ideal speed, a variable frequency drive can reduce the electricity consumption of the motor. A VFD controls the speed of the motor by controlling the applied frequency to the motor. A variable frequency drive can also protect the device from excessive current.

How to wire a VFD to a motor

Mitsubishi drive D700 parameter setting


In order to do the programming of a variable frequency drive, we must set the parameters for it. These devices are small and economical, the D700 is a 400V drive as shown in the image. This VFD is a 400V drive so it must be powered with a three-phase 480V. This drive can be used to control a 1.5 HP motor because this drive is of 2.2 amperes.

How to set parameter

Click on the mode button that is shown in the VFD, by doing so we can see the alphabet P in the display and the P stands for the parameter. So the parameter could be numbers and the parameter setting will be different for different drives. So we can select the parameters that we need. If we need to connect a drive to a motor then the voltage and frequency of the drive must match to that of the motor.

Select parameter 19 to set the voltage range, the parameter settings would be different for different drives. After that set, the required voltage and this voltage should be matched to the motor setting. We can change the voltage by turning the wheel that is shown in the above image after that press the SET button to set the value. After that click on the mode, button to go back, and select the next parameter. The next step would be setting the drive frequency to that of the motor so select the parameter 3 to do so and set the frequency value after that click the SET button.

Parameter 1 - In this drive, this is the maximum frequency parameter so we can select this parameter if we need it.

Parameter 2 – This is the minimum frequency in this drive.

Parameter 3 – This is also for setting the frequency in this drive.

Parameter 4,5, and 6 - These parameters is to set the preset speed.

Parameter 7 - This is to set the drive acceleration time and we can set it according to our need for motor acceleration. So if we set the acceleration for 5 seconds then it would accelerate from the frequency range in 5 seconds.

Parameter 8 – This parameter is to set the deceleration time we can set it to the required level

Parameter 9 - In order to set the amps of the drive to that of the motor level select this parameter then change the level of the amp to the motor setting and by doing this the motor will be protected from overloads.

After that, we can run the drive and it can be done by parameter unit (PU), and also by using external mode (EXT) the parameter unit would run the drive from the keypad, and external mode will allow it to run from different inputs.

Other parameters in this drive that could be useful for programming

Parameter 0 – This parameter is used to increase the starting torque of the drive

Parameter 14 – This parameter can be used to select the load pattern, like 0 for constant torque load and 1 for reduced torque load.

Parameter 15 - This parameter is to select the frequency for jog operation

Parameter 16 – with the help of this parameter we can accelerate and decelerate the jog operation.

Parameter 17 – this is to select the input

Parameter 22 – this parameter is to set the stall prevention operation level

Parameter 19 – This parameter can be used to set the voltage range

Parameter 79 – This is to select the operation mode of the drive and by using this parameter we can choose the operation mode.

Parameter 178 to 182 – these parameters are for digital input