How to set parameters for ABB ACS880 drive

This drive has a new panel while compared to the previous version of ABB ACS800, this device also has a bigger LCD display. It also has a USB port so we can connect a PC to this.

First press the local remote key to, do the local operation in the below image we can see a button on the top right side it can be used to select the menu. By using the same button we can also choose the parameter too and it is shown in the below image. In order to set the parameters, we must enter the motor data so select the parameter group 99 and we can see many sub-parameters and we can enter the motor data to it. Set the parameter 9903 to the asynchronous motor and this is for induction motors. Next chose the parameter 9904 which is the motor control mode and this must be set as DTC the DTC stands for direct torque control. Select the parameter 9906 to set the motor nominal current so check the motor nameplate that is chosen to connect to the drive and after setting the parameter we must save it. Then select the parameter 9907 for motor nominal voltage and we must enter the valve that is shown in the motor nameplate.

After that select the parameter 9908 to set the motor nominal frequency and set the required frequency. Then select the parameter 9909 to set the motor nominal speed so enter the value shown in the motor nameplate and this will be in hertz. Select the parameter 9910 to set the nominal power in the motor nameplate this will be displayed in horsepower or in kilowatts. Select the parameter group 23 in order to change the acceleration and deceleration time.

Press the top left key which is seen in the panel. Select the parameter 23.12 to set the acceleration time after adding the value save it and then go to parameter 23.13 to set the deceleration time. To go back to the home menu press the top left key more than once. We can also change the speed reference by using the up and down buttons. We can also change the speed during the operation according to our need, in order to change the direction of the motor select the options in the menu.

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