How to set parameters for ABB ACS 355 AC drive

At first, we must check if the wiring is correct and after doing this we can apply power to the drive. This drive has a basic control panel and it has a single LCD line display and this display is divided into five sections. So if we look at the upper left of the display we can see LOC which represents that the control location is local, and this could be local or remote. In the center of the display, we can see digits and this shows the parameter or the value if it shows a value then in the upper right side of the display we can see the unit of the value. In the lower-left of the display we can see the panel operation state and it will show the output mode, parameter mode, main menu or fault. On the lower right side of the display, we can see the motor direction and motor status.

In the below image we can see a soft key and this would guide us through the control panel, below the soft key in the left side, we can see a local remote key and by using this we can change the control location and to the opposite side of this key we can see a direction key and by this, we can change the motor direction. In order to set the parameter click on the right soft button in the panel and in the display, we can see the right bottom of the display will be changed to MENU after that use the UP and DOWN arrow button to select the PAR which stands for parameter and in the bottom left of the display we can see PAR. Use the arrow button to select the parameter 99 and it has many sub-parameters so we can select the parameter 9901 this parameter is to select the language so, select the required language, and move on to the next parameter. The next parameter is 9902 and this will set the application macros and this application includes PID control, 3 wire start-up, etc. The next parameter is 9903 and this parameter is to set the motor type and we can set it to synchronous motors or permanent magnet synchronous motors. The parameter 9904 is to set the motor control mode for vector speed, vector torque, or scalar control mode. The parameter 9905 is to set the motor nominal voltage, press the enter button for some-time so that we can adjust the parameter of the motor, use the arrow button to add the value and save it. The next step is to add the motor nominal current, details like current, voltage, etc, will be listed on the motor nameplate. To set the motor current select the parameter 9906. After this step goes to the parameter 9907 to enter the motor frequency then go to the parameter 9908 and enter the motor speed and the entered values must be the same as in the motor nameplate after entering the value we must save it. The parameter 9909 is to set the motor nominal power. If we need to change the acceleration and deceleration of the motor we can go to the main menu and select parameter group 22, after adjusting this check again if everything is correct or if there is any alarm in the display, before starting the motor it must be in the local mode of operation. By pushing the menu key go to the reference mode then use the arrow button to select the REF and press the enter key, set the required speed that is required after that push the start button after this we can check the motor speed, torque, and current drawn by the motor by pushing the arrow button. We can use the direction key to change the motor direction.