How to set implicit wait

I set implicit wait for 30 sec and I have 10 find element methods in one page. how much time it will take only 30 sec or 300 sec if 30sec why? If 300sec how? Will it wait 30 sec at every find element step?

Implicit Wait used to tell the web driver to wait for a certain amount of time before it throws a “No Such Element Exception”. So it will work for all find elements. Once the work is done in 5 secs then it will move on to another find element.

Default waiting time is 30 sec as implicit wait .implicit is applicable for each and every step. So your execution for 10 steps will be completed after 300 sec. For each step, it will wait for 30 seconds. so the executive will be completed after 300 sec

If the element is found in 2 secs then it won’t wait for the completion of 30 secs…it will continue with execution…at most, it will wait for 30 secs before throwing no such element exception… that’s why implicit wait along with explicit wait comes under dynamic wait