How to set current to 20mA?

I haven’t used a 4-20mA sensor since college (+10 years ago) but I would like to use one for my next project. I wish to input analog data from a 4-20mA hydraulic pressure sensor into my controller.

My controller will accept the 1-5V range I expect after sampling across the 250 ohm resistor. What I don’t remember how to do is set the current TO THE SENSOR at 20mA. Do I require a signal conditioner or power supply with exactly 20mA? If so I would appreciate any recommendation on small/cheap devices.

Thank you for any reply, I suspect this will be an easy question for most of the professionals on this site.

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Try this …

Circuit diagram 4-20 ma to 1-5 v conversion <img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/3827af73f1f9100c5dc695ae9c9caa80182fcfb2.jpg" width=“680” height=“485” alt="4-20 ma to 1-5 conversion '>