How to search a program, then inserting and deleting instruction

Program Search:

The program can be searched for occurrences of any designated instruction or data area bit address used in instruction. Searches can be performed Irom any currently displayed address or Irom a clearer display.

To designate a bit address or an instruction,

Once an occurrence of an instruction or bit address has been Found, any additional occurrences of the same instruction orbit can be found by pressing SRCH again. SRCH’G will be displayed while a search is in progress. When the first word of a multiword instruction is displayed for a search operation, the other words of the instruction can be displayed by pressing the DOWN key beIore continuing the search.

If Program Memory is read in RUN or MONITOR mode, the ON/OFF status of any displayed will also be shown.

Inserting And Deleting Instruction

In PROGRAM mode, any instruction that is currently displayed can be deleted or another instruction can be inserted before it. These are not possible in RUN or MONITOR modes.

To insert an instruction, display the instruction beIore which you want the new instruction to be placed, input the instruction in the same way as when inputting a program initially, and then press INS and the DOWN key.

To delete an instruction, display the instruction to be deleted and press DEL and the UP key.

CAUTION: Be careIul not to delete instructions inadvertently. Once deleted, there is no way to recover without re-inputting the instruction again.

When an instruction (s) following or deleted, all address in Program Memory following the operation are adjusted automaticaly so that there are no blank address and no unaddressed instructions.