Compressed air is a vital resource in various industrial applications from operating pneumatic tools and machinery for performing required functions either in production or processes.

However, managing compressed air usage can be challenging as it is often one of the most expensive forms of energy used in a facility. One of the key factors in managing compressed air usage is the accurate measurement of compressed air flow rate.


Accurate measurement of compressed air flow is essential for industrial facilities in several ways.

  1. Optimizing the operation of compressed air systems: By monitoring the flow rate, facilities can identify and correct leaks, adjust compressor settings, and reduce the use of unnecessary air. This can result in significant cost savings, as compressed air is often one of the most expensive energies used in a facility.
  2. Improving Efficiency of equipment and processes: For example, in a paint spray booth, the compressed air flow rate must be carefully controlled to ensure that the paint is applied evenly. If the flow rate is too low, the paint will be poorly atomized and will not be applied evenly. If the flow rate is too high, the paint will be over-atomized, resulting in wasted paint and higher costs.
  3. Compliance with Industry Standards: Accurate flow measurement is also necessary to meet industry standards and regulations, such as ISO 50001 for energy management and OSHA regulations for employee safety.
  4. Leak Detection and Reduction: Accurate flow measurement enables real-time monitoring of compressed air usage and a higher turndown ratio helps to identify and reduce leaks in compressed air systems, reducing energy consumption and costs.
  5. Energy Management: Accurate flow measurement is essential for effective energy management and tracking energy usage in compressed air systems, helping facilities meet energy efficiency targets and reduce costs.


Insertion thermal mass flowmeters are nowadays becoming one of the most reliable and accurate ways of measuring compressed air flowrate. These meters use the principle of thermal dispersion to measure the flow of real gases, including compressed air.

It works on King’s Law where a thermal sensor having two pt-100 sensors one having a heater sensor & another reference sensor that maintains constant differential temperature is installed in a compressed air pipeline. The higher the air mass flow rate higher the cooling effect of the heater sensor which is directly proportional to heater power consumption. The rate of change of mass flow rate is directly related to heater power consumption.

Insertion thermal mass flowmeters are highly accurate and have a NO pressure drop & higher turndown ratio making them well-suited for use in compressed air systems.


Overall, accurate measurement of compressed air flow is essential for optimizing the operation of compressed air systems, improving efficiency, and ensuring the safety of industrial operations.

Insertion thermal mass flowmeters are an ideal solution for measuring compressed air flow, providing high accuracy and No pressure drop. They are an ideal solution for industrial facilities that want to reduce energy consumption and costs, improve equipment and process efficiency, and ensure the safety of their operations.

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