How to Map DF1/DH485 to ControlLogix/CompactLogix?

In this article, I am trying to share how to map DF1/DH485 to ControlLogix/CompactLogix PLC.

Step 1: Open RSLogix 500.

Step 2: Click the Small image of the PLC controller. Can be found under the I/O config on the tree shown folder on the left side of the tab.

Step 3: Select Serial Port tab from the controller Properties window.

Step 4: Click on the down arrow from the Mode field and choose a system.

Step 5: Click the down arrow in the Data Bits field and choose 8.

Step 6: For the Baud Rate, Parity and Stop Bits fields, follow the values seen in the Panel Manager configuration in C-more. Leave the Control Line to No Handshake. Leave the RTS delay set to 0.

Step 7: Select the System Protocol Tab and click the down arrow and from the available choices choose the suitable Protocol

Step 8: Choose DF Point to Point, if you are doing DF1 Full Duplex. Then be assure to match the Error Detection to the checksum type in the panel manager in C-more.

Step 9: Choose DF1 Slave, if you are doing DF1 Half Duplex and you should match the Station Address to the PLC Address in the C-more Panel Manager. Also, fit the Error Detection to the Checksum Type in the C-more Panel Manage.


Step 10: If you are using DH485, compare the Station Address to the Station Number in the C-more Panel Manager configuration. Make sure that the PLC Station Address is under the Max Station number configuration in the C-more Panel Manager. Keep all the rest as it is. See the figure below for a guide.


Step 11: Once the parameters of the communication link are set, the addresses must also be mapped. In the C-more panel, the DF1 Full, DF1 Half, and DH485 addresses are based on the SLC and the MicroLogix addressing system (N7:xx, etc…). ControlLogix and CompactLogix PLCs are tag-based and do not have these addresses.


To make a connection between the two separate types of addresses, you need to make a mapping table in the RSLogix 5000 program.

Step 12: Click the Logic and Choose Map PLC/SLC Messages from the Main Menu.

Step 13: Select the file number that you need and select the desired array to go it.

Step 14: Download these changes to the PLC controller once you have done the above steps and you should see your data updating.

Step 15: Click OK when finished to close the window.