How to make Ladder Program. Conveyor Crossing line?

How to make Ladder Program. Conveyor Crossing line …Two input Signal and one output. When man crossing transmitter and receiver signal one side when sense then Set and conveyor stop and after cross conveyor line reset and conveyor line output activate run… Similar from opposite side same situation before set after reset… please draw ladder

Kindly make this Program in a pen & paper whatever I have made below:

1st rung: S1 NO i.e., on, to the output/coil memory M0

M0 latch to S1

2nd rung: M0 NC, output conveyor Motor on

3rd rung: S2 on, M0 on to M1 on

latch M1 to S2

When M1 is on, make M1 NC in the 1st rung

This M1 will reset the 1st, 2nd & 3rd rung in this Process


4th rung: When S2 NO i.e., on, M1 NC to output memory M2

latch M2 to S2

This M2 is NC to Conveyor Motor in 2nd rung

5th rung: S1 on, M2 on to M3 & latch M3 to S1

Now when this M3 is on, make M3 NC in the 1st rung & 4th rung

This 4th & 5th rung will reset & Conveyor Motor will start running i.e., gets on

Kindly type whatever i had given to u in a piece of pen & paper

Show it to me & then u can simulate

Revert Back

This is a very good Process

How about this