How to make a PLC Device accept data exported from Application Software

I have a Vibration monitoring software+Hardware combination. This combination can visually be shown as following:

Sensors Connected to H/W which need to be monitored <------> Conversion Device - which converts the raw data generated by Sensors and convert them into software readable format <------> Application Software to analyze the data and generate reports, sound alarms etc.

Brief Description:

Sensors: are connected to H/W (motors, turbines, etc) to collect different type of data like sound, temperature, RPM etc

Conversion Device: It is an electronic device which receives raw data from sensors and convert this raw data into a format which can be read and understood by the Application software.

Application Software: is the one used for analysing this data generated by Conversion device. This software, based on the analysis, raise alarm, generates multiple different type of reports etc.

I now have a client which needs the post-analysis data generated by software to be exported to a PLC/Scada device using either “Modbus RTU” or “OPC” protocol. My problem is that I have never done this before. I, therefore, have a few queries:

  • What is the step-by-step procedure to follow?
  • Is it possible at all?
  • Do we have any programming language available to program a PLC/Scada device in such a way that it accepts data generated by a software via Modbus RTU or OPC? If yes, then I would greatly appreciate it if I can be given the same.
  • Are their any free PLC/Scada simulator software available to test communication between software and PLC /Scada? If yes, then kindly let me know.

Please do let me know in case if I am missing something, or if am going in a completely wrong direction.