How to maintain an Electrical Motor properly - Checklist for Technician / Engineers

Electrical Motor Maintenance Checklist

1.Maintain high insulation resistance at all time and measure the insulation resistance by megger regularly

2.Keep the bearing lubricated properly and change the bearing at the recommended intervals.

3.Maintain a uniform air gap.

4.Keep the motor clean and dry always.Protect it from moisture

5.Wash the motor with distilled water to remove all the salt and the minerals.

6.Any grease and oil deposits must be removed by a suitable electric grade solvent like electrosolve

7.Dry the stator winding with low power source or lamps.

8.The repair must be done in an open space or with extractor fans to remove the water vapors

9.With the wingdings clean and dry re varnish the wingdings thoroughly

10.Dry the wingdings and check the insulation resistance