How to install Temperature measurement instrument properly?

Best Practices - Temperature Measuring Instrument Installation

It is very important to install the instrument correct for accurate temperature measurement

Four Consideration -

1.Thermowell Installation

The proper Thermowell instillation starts by finding a measurement point that accurately represents the process temperature and that is easily accessible.

Verify the thermowell provided has the correct insertion length for the pipe or vessel.

Additional Dimension to Confirm - Insulation thickness,Lagging and extension lengths.

Verify material of construction of the thermowell compatible with the pipe or vessel and the process.

2.Sensor Installation Temperature Sensor Installation Best Practice It is important to make sure that when sensor is inserted to thermowell it should make contact with bottom of the thermowell to ensure accurate measurement.

Connect the sensor wire to the terminal block

3.Transmitter installation

Direct Mounted Temperature Transmitter

The preferred instillation is to integrally mount to the sensor and thermowell,commonly referred to as direct mounting.Direct mounting will increase noise immunity due to sensor leads being shorter and less exposed to environmental interference.

Transmitters can also be mounted remotely.When selecting the mounting location consider the ease of access to the measurement point including the LCD display and environmental issues such as vibration,corrosion,and ambient temperatures.

4.Grounding the system

3 most common installation guidelines are

Remote mount with two separate grounding points

Remote mount with Continuous shield

Integral mount