How to do the wiring and commissioning of ABB ACS 355 drive?


Drive wiring

The drive wiring must be done very carefully so that there won’t be any damage, so we must make sure that the drive wiring should be done by an experienced person. Before doing drive wiring we must make sure that the drive or wire must not be connected to a supply. The input section of the ABB ACS 355 is U1, V1, and W1, while the motor connecting section is U2, V2, and W2. The motor connection will be on the right side of the drive.

Connection for Remote operations

We should check the input/output terminals in the drive, and in this section, we can connect the potentiometer. The connecting wires in the potentiometer can be connected to the 2, 3, and 4 of the input terminals of the drive. We can connect the output display to the input 7 and 8. Input 9 will provide DC voltage output to the digital inputs. So we can do certain PLC connections with the input 9 according to our need. Input nine can also be connected to the contact block in case if we don’t connect it to PLC. So we can connect input 9 to the contact block in the switch and we can jumper the others together. Input 10 and 11 should be connected, we can connect the start/stop switch to input 12 and also the external terminal block. In order to use a forward and reverse switch then we need to connect the wire to input 13 and the terminal block by using a maintained switch. Input 14 or 15 can be used for the constant speed, the input 16 can be wired for acceleration and deceleration purposes. We can use input 17 for the relay and the inputs 20-22 are for digital output. So now we can power up the drive and can select the remote operation.

Drive commissioning

Before the commissioning, we must make sure that the drive is connected to a motor and all the electrical connections are complete. We should check the nameplate of the motor too. Select the parameter 9903 and this is used to select the type of motor. We must check the motor nameplate and enter the data of the motor to the drive as shown in the nameplate of the motor. The motor data will be voltage, power, speed, frequency, and current, and the motor data entering is very important to make sure the drive is operating properly. Select the parameter 9905 to add the nominal voltage of the motor. In order to add the motor nominal current select the parameter 9906, we must enter this value really carefully and this valve should be entered higher or equal to the motor nominal current. Then select the parameter 9907 to set the motor nominal frequency, and to enter the motor nominal speed value select the parameter 9908. Then select the parameter 9909 to set the motor power. In order to set the motor control mode select the parameter 9904, there are three motor control options and they are scalar frequency, vector speed, and vector torque.

So all the motor data is entered and the motor can be started, in order to do the motor set up select the parameter 9910. So we would get two options and they are OFF/ID magnetization and Full ID. The OFF/ID can be used if the motor is coupled and connected to the load and the full ID can be used if the back emf of the motor is unknown. In order to enter the speed limit select the parameters 2001 and 2002. In order to set the acceleration and deceleration time select the parameters 2202 and 2203. In order to do the speed scaling select the parameter 1105. Make sure that all of this is saved and to do this select the parameter 1607 and set it, now the drive is ready.