How to do Hardware Configuration on SIEMENS S7- 300 & S7-400?

An Overview of S7-300

It is a bus linked platform (a serial connector to all modules)

This is mini modular PLC for the low and mid-range applications

Can be expand the I/O without any issues when the tasks increase but there is limit foe expansion.

It has inbuilt motion control applications.

User friendly handling and uncomplicated design

For S7-300 you can use two software for programming

1)Step 7 V5.x + WinCC flexible

2)TIA Step 7 Professional + TIA WinCC

It is available in

a) Standard

b) Compact


d)Technology T version


It is a rack-based system that means Multi-pin backplane linking all modules from power supply to I/Os.

S7-400 designed for system solutions for manufacturing and process automation.

This process controller is suitable for data-intensive activities that are exceptionally common for the process industry.

S7-400 CPU available in

a) Standard

b) Failsafe F

c)High availability H

Software used for programming are

1)Step 7 Basic

2)TIA Portal

STEP 1) Open SIMATIC Manager and create a new project.

To create a new project, Click File -> New-> Enter Project name and click ok.

Step 2) Click Insert-> Station-> CPU Model

Note: Here am using S7 300. If you are using S7-400 CPU then choose SIMATIC 400 Station.

Step 3) Double click on SIMATIC 300

Note: After double click on SIMATIC 300 the following screen will be open. Double click on Hardware.

After double click on Hardware following screen will be shown

Step 4) Here am going to add PROFINET IO. So, click on PROFINET IO. Then expand IO. There you can see various IO modules. Expand ET 200S because I have ET 200S. Again, you can see number of input modules.

Check the attached images for better clarification

Step 5) Check the address of your module and select the respective module.

Step 6) Click the download option and wait some time to complete the download.