How to do Hardware Configuration of SIEMENS S7 1200 & S7-1500 Using TIA Portal?

What is Hardware Configuration?

The hardware configuration includes the equipment configuration, the hardware of the automation system, the field tools of the PROFINET bus system, and the hardware for visualization. The configuration of networks specifies the communication between different hardware components. Added individual hardware components to the hardware configuration from the catalogs.

Hardware configuration enables you to download automation and visualization solutions to the automation system and access to signal modules connected by the controller.

TIA Portal

The TIA Gateway has two significant points of view. Once started, the TIA Portal shows the view of the portal by default. This view makes it easier to get started, particularly for beginners. The portal view offers a task-oriented view of the software needed to operate on the project. Here, you can easily determine what you want to do, and you can open the tool for the job at hand. If required, a modification to the project view will be made automatically for the chosen mission.

There is an option to switch between this view and the project view at the bottom left. See the attached pic.

Set the IP address on Programming Device

You need a TCP/IP connection or PROFIBUS connection to program the SIMATIC S7-1200 controller or S7-1500 controller from the PC. In order for the PC and SIMATIC S7-1200 to communicate with each other via TCP/IP, it is necessary to match the IP addresses of both devices.

To set the IP address on Computer.

Open Network and Sharing Center window->change adapter settings-> Select the desired-> Right click on Local Area Connection and Select Properties->Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IP)-> You can use the following address, for example, if IP address: Subnet mask and accept the settings by click OK.

To set the IP address in the CPU

Step 1) Open TIA Portal and Click and select Online & Diagnostics

Step 2) In the project tree under -> Online access -> select the network adapter that was set previously.

Note: If you click on Update accessible devices here, you can see the IP address (if previously set) or the MAC address (if IP address not yet assigned) of the connected SIMATIC S7-1200/1500.

Step 3) Under -> “Functions”, you now find the -> Assign IP address item. Enter the IP address -> IP address: Click -> Assign IP address and this new address will be assigned to your SIMATIC S7-1200/1500.

For ex: IP address -> Subnet mask

How to do Hardware Configuration?

Step 1) Click Create new project

Step 2) Set a file name for your project and click on Create to Create a new project.

Step 3) Select Devices and networks->add new devices->Open SIMATIC S7 1200/1500.

Note: Here am using S7 1500 controller.

Step 4) Select the CPU model. Here am selecting S7-1512c-pn

15 means S7-1500

12 indicates the model, basically, the higher number means more functionalities

C indicates compact which means it has inbuilt IO modules.

PN indicates PROFINET (Actually all the S7-1500 models has inbuilt PROFINET

Step 5) Select the CPU and Click “Add” which will lead us to the project view which is a more detailed view of the Project.

Note: Article number is the article number of the PLC you’ve.

Version means the firmware of the PLC you have and if you don’t aware of the firmware version of your PLC always take the oldest.

Step 6) Here am going to add another Digital Input (DI). Click the DI on the right side of the TIA portal and drag & drop the DI into any slot that is possible.

Note: Important part of the Hardware Configuration done

Step 6) Select Compiler and your hardware configuration done.