How to do Hardware Configuration of S7-200 Using SIMATIC?

An overview of S7-200

The S7-200 CPU integrates a microprocessor, input circuits and output circuits and a power supply unit in a compact housing to produce an efficient Micro PLC. After installing your software, the S7-200 provides the logic needed to track and control input and output devices in your application.

In S7-200, there are various types of CPUs are available in market such as CPU 221, CPU 222, CPU 224, CPU 224XP, CPU 226. We can add up to 7 expansion modules depends upon the CPU.

Check the below table for more details.

We need to do a hardware configuration to add the expansion modules to the CPU. In this article, am give you an exact idea to configure the CPU for adding expansion modules

How to do Hardware Configuration of S7-200 ?

Step 1) Open Step7- MicroWin Smart

Note: Before that, you have to set the IP address

For that, Go into Control Panel > Network Settings > Change Adapter Settings > Select the appropriate adapter > Change IPv4 Settings. The PLC is at, so by setting our IP to

Step 2) Double click on CPU ST40

Step 3) Click on the drop-down menu and select the CPU model and Click OK. See the below image

Step 4) Click on Communication menu:

Step 5) Click on Find CPU to find the connected CPU and click OK

Step 6) Click again on CPU ST20, then another tab will be shown.

How to add Digital Input Expansion Module to S7-200?

Note: Here am using EM DI08 module. So, click on EM 0 and choose the appropriate one and click OK

8DI – Expansion module with 8 digital Input

Step 7) Click the Download option

Note: Another dialogue box will be opened and select the download option.

Note: You can add another module by following the above steps.