How to design simple Data Acquisition System

Analog Process values 4-20mA has to communicate to PC, then in PC suitable software has to generate a text file which consists of these process values, can any one suggest me

Although I’m pretty new at this but what i’ve learned so far is that there are many ways of achieving this. Typically analog signals can be captured on recorders via paper or digitally creating logs. Another way is that they can be collected and managed is within a controller or PLC. PLCs can later make this information available into Data Bases Like Historians or Process Control SQL software or even third party software to view in real time trending. Aside from using vendor provided software platforms you can also use OPC protocol to acquire this information. To do this you would need an OPC Server and you could historize this information in a free or purchased OPC historian. There are several tools that may be used to view these values in OPC. You can check out some free OPC software tools here MatrikonOPC

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