How to convert SLC 500 or PLC-5 logic to RSLogix 5000?

Convert SLC 500 or PLC-5 logic to RS Logix 5000 with Rockwell Automation tool.

The Utility name is Translate PLC 5 SLC 2.0.This free tool can be downloaded from the following link.

With this tool PLC 5 and SLC 500 programs can be converted to CompactLogix and Controllogix.

Step By Step Procedure -

1.Install PLC5 SLC 2.0 utility on computer.

2.Launch the application

3.When the program opens you will see a windows similar to the picture shown below

AB PLC logic conversion tool

Two options are there in this window .Select the appropriate one. (PLC-5 or SLC-500)

4.Click on “Launch RSLogix 500” and select the project you wish to convert. Perform a “Save as”.Save the program as a SLC file and close the RSlogix.

5.Click on the browse button and select the newly saved SLC file and click on next.

6.Select the path for output file.

PLC 5 SLC 2 conversion tool

Choose the type of CompactLogix or ControlLogix you would like to convert the program to as well as the version.Then click on next.

7.Select your Alias option and Click next.

Allen Bradley Logic Conversion

8.In the next you may get a pop-up syntax error (Shown below) .If you dont get this pop-up skip ahead to next step. If you get syntax error it needs to be resolved before going to next step. Select the offending I/O line and delete them and Click on “Save and Retry”

AB PLC logic migration tool

9.In this step PLC-5 / SLC 500 translation gets completed.Click on “Launch RSLogix 5000” to complete the process.

Translating SLC 5 logic to ControlLogix

10.Status of the Translation is shown in the next window.Import the translated file to RSLogix 5000 to view the file

AB logic translation status