How to Connect and Download Program to S7 1200 & S7 1500

S7 1200

It is a new modular miniature from the Siemens SIMATIC S7 family

It consists of a controller with an integrated PROFINET interface for communication.

It has signal boards for direct use in a controller

S7 1500

It is an advanced version of S7 300.

It’s a modular, expandable design.

By using a DIN rail mount and backplane we can add up to 32 expansion modules.

How to set up communication between PC and PLC

In this tutorial, we give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up a communication between PC and PLC for both S7 1200 and S7 1500 PLC.

Step 1) Set up a connection between PLC and the network

Step 2) Open TIA portal and create new project

Step 3) Select the configure a device

Step 4) Click on Add new device.

Note: From the controllers tree expand choose SIMATIC S7-1200-> CPU-> Unspecified CPU 1200. Click on add.

If you’re using S7-1500, Select SIMATIC S7-1500-> CPU-> Unspecified CPU 1200.

Step 5) You are already on the Project View of the TIA Portal. Tap on the Detect button to automatically detect the PLC from the list of devices available on the network.

Step 6) Select PN/IE as that type of PG/PC interface and on PG/PC interface choose the network adaptor that you are using to connect PLC.

Step 7) After scanning completes, choose the PLC from the list of compatible devices and click on Detect.

Step 8) The detected PLC is now on the Display screen. Any of the properties need to be modified to enable contact with Factory I/O. Double left-click the controller to access the Properties screen .

Step 9) Start by assigning an IP address to the PLC. Extend the PROFINET interface on the General tab of the Properties page and pick the Ethernet addresses.

Step 10) By default, PLC physical inputs use the first memory address of percent I. In order for Factory, I/O to be able to write the values of the sensors to percent I you need to offset the input addresses, we propose an offset of 10. Click on I/O addresses and change the Input addresses > Start address to 10.

Step 11) Finally, certain authentication and security settings are needed in order to be able to connect to the PLC. Click Security and allow access to PUT/GET contact from a remote partner under Connection Mechanisms. Set the standard of access as HMI access or higher (Read access or Full access).

Step 12) Right-click on the device and choose Download to device -> Hardware configuration. Then, start CPU