How to Connect and Download Program on LOGO PLC

What is Logo PLC ?

It is very basic model of Siemens PLC. So, its I/O handling capacity is very low.

This type of PLC mainly used in small scale industries.

Logo! soft software is used for programming purposes.

Hardware Features of LOGO PLC?

It comes with 8 input and 4 output ports

  • We can expand up to 24 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs

  • We can expand up to 8 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs

  • Can expand up to 4 LOGO! TD function keys

  • It has integrated navigation cursor buttons and display. So we can program simple applications directly on the device without connecting to the PC

How to Connect LOGO PLC with Computer?

Step 1: Turn OFF the PLC

Step 2: Plug the cable into both the PC and the PLC

Step 3: Turn on the PLC

How to download a Program on LOGO

Step 1: Connect LOGO! PLC with PC

Step 2: Open LOGO! Soft software and create a new diagram


Step 3: Change the hardware type to match your PLC

Note: Only OBA7 and OBA8 are supported

Step 4: To get a list of accessible LOGO! Devices, move to Online settings and click the refresh button

Step 5: Pick the desired device and connect

Step 6: Change the IP address to the PLC if necessary

Step 7: Open the Ethernet connection. You can find it under the Tools menu

Step 8: Change the IP address, Subnet, and Gateway. Then right click on Ethernet connection and choose Add Server Connection

Step 9: Double click on the newly created connection

Step 10: Check all Connect to the Operator Panel and approve all access requests. Set the TSAP Remote Properties value to 02.00.

Step 11: At the end, Click Tools -> Transfer -> PC->LOGO!