How to connect and Download program in CompactLogix and ControlLogix?

Allen Bradley is one of the best industrial automation manufacturing company. There are mainly three types of Allen Bradley PLCs based on their capabilities. They are

  • MicroLogix
  • CompactLogix
  • ControlLogix

To know more about Micrologix click here

What is CompactLogix?

CompactLogix is designed to offer Logix solution for low scale and mid-scale applications. This PLC is used to control machine and packing facilities. It has an inbuilt I/O system. In this PLCs, we can add additional inputs and outputs by using an expansion mode, however, there is a limit for adding an expansion module.

It is designed by Allen Bradley.

How to connect CompactLogix to the Computer?

We can make a Computer-CompactLogix connection by two methods

1)Via USB

2)Via Ethernet/IP

How to connect CompactLogix to the Computer via USB?

**Step 1) Take a standard A to B USB cable and plug the B side into CompactLogix’s USB port and A side into your computer.

Note: Before plug, the B end into the computer, make sure RSLinx Classic is installed on your computer.

Step 2) Wait to install the USBCIP driver on the Computer automatically.

Step 3) Open RSLinx Classic to find an Automatically Added USB Driver

Note: Open RSLinx Classic once windows adds the USBCIP hardware and you can see the USB driver software has been added automatically.

Step 4) Expand the USB driver and select it to allow RSLinx to begin to browse the USB port

Step 5) Now your CompactLogix will be shown under a USB driver.

Note: After a few moments, you can see your CompactLogix processor appear in the RSWho window under the USB driver. This USB connection to your CompactLogix can be used at this stage to flash firmware, alter Ethernet addresses, download a software, and go online:

How to connect CompactLogix to the Computer Via EtherNet/IP?

Step 1) Make sure every component is powered up and cables are connected properly.

Step 2) Install both RSLinx and RSLogix 5000 on your computer.

Step 3) Connect the PLC to the Ethernet Port of the Computer

Note: After you connect the CompactLogix controller to an EtherNet/IP network, you must assign the controller a unique IP address.

Step 4) Set the IP Address

For that: Go into Control Panel > Network Settings > Change Adapter Settings > Select the appropriate adapter > Change IPv4 Settings. The PLC is at, so by setting our IP to, as seen below, we balance the network.

Step 5) Click OK in the Local Area Connection window once you set the IP address

How to download a program on CompactLogix?

In this portion of article, I will give you an exact idea about how to download the program to CompactLogix over Ethernet by using Rockwell Automation Studio5000, but it will be exactly the same method if you go over the USB.

Step 1) Open PLC Studio 5000.

Step 2) Click on Communication and select Who Active.

There you can see so many options like Go Online, Upload, Download, Update firmware etc.

Step 3) Click the Ethernet/IP, then the PLC will be shown.

Step 4) Click the download option

Note: in some cases, like your PLC is brand new, you have to update the firmware. Update firmware and click the download option again.

Step 5) Click the controller status prompt (Check the below picture) and choose Remote Run Mode to get your PLC in operation and click YES

Note: You can go to remote run mode under the communication.


This PLC mainly used to control large control systems. ControlLogix is also called modular PLC and it uses separate input-output modules.

This model is mainly used in processing, batching, and in motion control systems. In this PLC, Rslogix 5000 software is used for programming. Rack based I/O modules are used in ControlLogix.

It supports communication protocols like Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, DeviceNet, DH+. It supports 32 points per module for digital input-outputs. It doesn’t have an inbuilt LCD display.

How to Connect and Download Program on ControlLogix

The connection and download program on ControlLogix can be made up by following the step like the CompactLogix. So refer to the CompactLogix.