How to Connect and Download a Program in Siemens S7-200 PLC?

What is Siemens S7-200 PLC?

The S7-200 series of micro-programmable logic controllers (Micro PLCs) can control a broad variety of applications. Variety of products that serve the automation needs. It’s a Compact - modular type PLC. It is also used for small scale industry like Logo PLC

It has 38 Analog I/O capacity and 256 Digital I/O capacity

Micro win is the software used for programming.

RS485 communication port is available.

Step 7 Microwin is the software used for programming purpose

Hardware configuration of S7-200

The S7-200 CPU integrates a microprocessor, an integrated power supply, and an input circuit.

Output circuits in a compact housing to deliver an efficient Micro PLC.

There are also different S7-200 CPU available with different features and capabilities that help to meet your various applications. Check the table below

In order to help satisfy the product specifications, the S7-200 family provides a wide range of Extension modules. You may use these extension kits to add extra features.

How to Communicate S7- 200 with Computer?

Siemens provides two programming options for connecting your computer to your S7-200: a direct connection with a PPI Multi-Master cable, or a Communications Processor (CP) card with an MPI cable.

The PPI Multi-Master programming cable is the most common and inexpensive way to link your computer to the S7-200. This cable links the contact port of the S7-200 to the serial communication of your device. The PPI Multi-Master programming cable can also be used to connect other communication devices to the S7-200.

How to Download Program on PLC?

Step 1) Install Micro/Win software on Computer

Step 2) Open Micro/Win software and Click the RUN icon on the toolbar or choose the PLC**->** RUN menu command

Step 3) Click OK to change the operating mode of the S7-200 PLC.

Note: When the S7-200 is in RUN mode, the output LED is in RUN mode, the output LED for Q0.0 is turned on and off when the S7-200 is running the program.

Step 4) Click on PG/PC Interface

Step 5) Click on PC/PPI and local connection and choose COM4

Step 6) Click on the communication tab.

Step 7) In the Access Path, select PC/PPI cable (PPI). a) Click the Properties button.

Step 8) a)Assign the station address (#0 is assigned for this test) b) Set the transmission rate at 9.6kbps c) Highest node address is 31 d) Click the OK button to exit from the Properties dialogue box

Step 9) Now, create a simple logic by clicking on the normally open contact/output coil

Step 10) Select Download option

Note: Follow all settings in the Download dialog box