How to connect a PLC with a database (SQL)

SQL4Automation is one of the best solution to connect PLC with a database.

It connects PLC directly with SQL databases.

SQL4Automation uses ODBC server for connecting PLC with database. OPC server is not required .Security and performances increases due to this. No project specific configuration is required. Everything is programmed in the controller.

SQL4Automation can be downloaded from the following link

Compatibility - 1.Rockwell Automation 2.CODESYS 3.Siemens S7 4.Rexroth 5.ABB 6.FESTO 7.WAGO

This is solution for direct connection between Siemens PLC <-> SQL Server

MS SQL Functionality for Siemens Simatic S7-1200 S7-1500 in TIA Portal V13 V14 V14

PDSql Library V1.2.0 for Siemens

PDSql Library V1.2.0 User Guide